Cramps and Menopause - Symptom and Relief Revealed

Published: 09th June 2010
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If the symptoms of menopause you are experiencing include cramps, there is a simple explanation for this. Of course women everywhere remember the cramps that they had when first starting puberty - this was due to the beginning of the first cycles and were related to surging hormones. Well the same thing basically happens when a woman is in menopause, the hormones are receding and then surging, alternately. Luckily it doesn't last long, but for awhile many women will still have cramps.

If you had cramps on a regular basis when you were younger, the fact of the matter is you are more likely to have them again at the onset of menopause. Nobody really knows why although there is a chance that heredity plays a role. When you start to display symptoms of menopause, it's because your hormones are decreasing for the most part. However the fluctuation can suddenly turn into a surge of estrogen which will temporarily give you a feeling of fullness or even cramps that you remember so well. This normally doesn't last for long time, but does vary from one woman to the next just as the other symptoms of menopause do.

There are certain things a woman to take to help ease the pain of these cramps, but taking pain killers such as acetaminophen are only a very temporary solution. Since these over the counter pain relief medications aren't a real solution, only a way to control the symptom, how does a woman fix the real problem? Good question, currently there are some solutions of cramps using foods that are rich in a substance called "phytoestrogens".

How can you get more of these phytoestrogens in your diet? The foods that contain this chemical are already very healthy for you so that is a plus, they include: soy, lentils, tomatoes, multi-grain bread, garlic, alfalfa sprouts, sesame seeds, and flaxseed. If you enjoy any of these foods then by all means stock up on them and see if your symptoms are helped. What if you don't enjoy any of these foods? Luckily they do make a capsule that you can take with phytoestrogens so that is an easier and more convenient way to get the help you need.

There are other ways to relieve symptoms of cramps also, such as a hot bath, some exercise such as a long walk (nothing too vigorous), and even sex which helps to release endorphins which are natural pain killers. However if you find that your cramps are lasting for longer periods of time and won't go away, or are getting more intense in pressure, don't hesitate to see your doctor as this could be a sign of something more serious. Be healthy, and take care of yourself!

There are many symptoms of menopause and also many cures for these symptoms. Learn as much as you can about them, and you can take positive steps to find relief for yourself.

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